Red Sea: Security Council condemns Houthi attacks


The UN Security Council has condemned, in the strongest terms, attacks by Houthi rebels on commercial ships in the Red Sea.

“All Houthi attacks on commercial and merchant ships crossing the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden must stop immediately, in accordance with international law and Resolution 2722,” the UN body stressed in a press statement published Monday.

The Houthis claimed responsibility for an attack on March 6 against the ship True Confidence, which left four people dead and as many injured.

The Security Council also emphasized the importance of this maritime route for humanitarian operations in favor of Yemen and beyond, as well as for the local fishing industry “which supports the means of livelihood of Yemenis”.

Recalling the importance of strengthening international and regional cooperation to counter threats to peace and security in the region, the UN body called for de-escalation in the Red Sea in order to preserve the peace process in Yemen.

In this regard, the Council urged caution and restraint, encouraging all parties to intensify their diplomatic efforts, in particular by continuing to support the dialogue and the peace process in Yemen under the auspices of the UN.

In a joint statement, a coalition of 12 countries led by the United States had in turn called on the Houthi rebels to immediately stop their “illegal, unacceptable and deeply destabilizing” attacks in the Red Sea.

According to the statement, nearly 15% of global maritime trade passes through the Red Sea, including 8% of global grain trade, 12% of global maritime oil trade and 8% of global liquefied natural gas trade.

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