Largest seizure operation of 15 tonnes of drugs in Sidi Rahal Plage

Hibapress learned from its sources that elements of the Royal Gendarmerie reporting to the Regional Commandery of the Royal Gendarmerie in Settat succeeded, early this Tuesday morning, in foiling the largest trafficking operation of nearly 15 tons of Chira type drugs who were hidden in a residence located on the beach of Sidi Rahal in the province of Berrechid with a view to smuggling them by sea.

Our sources indicated that this large-scale operation, carried out on the basis of precise information this Tuesday morning, allowed investigators to seize two inflatable boats and three engines, as well as several maritime equipment, in addition to three large vehicles of the type Drug-laden commuters. It is likely that the seized quantity was en route to international traffic after those on board fled.

A situation of great vigilance reigned at the scene, accompanied by extensive search operations and careful analysis of data, while noting fingerprints that could help in the investigation to dismantle the members of this criminal network which appear to be active in international drug trafficking.

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