A young Moroccan builds sophisticated planes

The young Moroccan Abdelrahman El Aissawi, originally from the province of Oued Zem, took a big step towards realizing his dream of manufacturing planes by founding a company called “Aissawi Aircraft”.

The young Moroccan succeeded in manufacturing two aircraft: the first, civil, with five seats specialized in transport, reaching a maximum speed of 350 km/h, and the second for military and intelligence purposes, part of the category of drones, equipped with the revolutionary “Lynx” multi-mode radar, an advanced system and an electro-optical sensor.

Abdelrahman El Aissawi carries on his shoulders the concern to provide a local industrial base allowing Morocco to compete with major international players in this field, making available to his country the services of his young company and his passion for aviation after 23 years of research and development in this field.

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