Request for creation of a special department for consumer-related disputes

The National Consumer Protection Association called for the creation of a special department for consumer-related disputes and the obligation of prior processing by recognized consumer protection associations, authorized to bring actions in justice.

In a press release, the association asked to provide “what responds to the creation of the higher advisory council proposed in bill 23-13 currently presented with the aim of modifying and supplementing law 31-08 relating to the definition consumer protection measures (articles 204) and (205)”. She stressed that “this council, if it does not have constitutional status, must be integrated into the Competition Council to become the Competition and Consumer Protection Council”, like certain advanced countries. .

In the same press release, the association called for adopting a new concept of consumer protection, based on the protection of market freedom and therefore on the protection of all actors within it, guaranteeing freedom of trade in an economic framework that respects the rules of supply and demand as well as free and fair competition.

To guarantee the continuity of the free market as an axis of economic and social development, the association stressed the need to guarantee equal protection and to guarantee the negotiating power of all actors, whether suppliers, government institutions (monitoring and governance) or consumers. This leads to economic recovery and social stability by ensuring continuity of production due to permanent consumption, which creates employment opportunities for the workforce, avoids business bankruptcies and prevents the chaos.

The press release also underlined that it is time to evaluate the work of associations and to move towards a new Moroccan model which takes into account all the developments that Morocco is experiencing, and to support the transformations which affect society. He insisted that there is no future for the national consumer movement without a convergence between all market players, whether suppliers, governance, surveillance, consumers and media.

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