The series “Jouj Oujouh” denounces the “beggar mafias” and receives praise from the public


With the presentation of the first episodes of Ramadan artistic works, there is a lot of talk on social networks about the works whose creators managed to touch reality and address issues of interest to society and contain important messages for their followers .

The first episodes of the series “Jouj Oujouh”, broadcast daily on 2M, generated numerous interactions from viewers.

The series highlights the phenomenon of begging, which has become a profession for many people, who earn a lot of money in this way.

The series reveals facts about “beggar mafias” who deceive citizens into suffering permanent disabilities or incurable illnesses, and who also deliberately exploit infants and children to make the biggest profits.

The series also exposes these mafias’ use of fraudulent methods and methods to defraud citizens and steal large sums of money from them.

Since its first episodes aired, the series has received widespread praise and remarks from viewers, as it deals with an important social phenomenon in a distinctive dramatic form.

It should be noted that the series is directed by Mourad El Khoudi and stars Dounia Boutazot, Aziz Dades, Sahar Seddiqi, Tariq ElBoukhari, Majdoline El Idrissi and other artists.

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