Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs: Morocco is an essential partner in several areas

The Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, José Manuel Albares, affirmed that Spain should have “the best relations” with Morocco, “an essential partner” in several areas.

Albares told the Spanish Senate on Tuesday: “Spain must have the best relations with a neighbor like Morocco. It is a rule of foreign policy and of the State”.
The head of Spanish diplomacy stressed in this regard that “Morocco is a key partner in the fight against terrorism, the dismantling of jihadist cells and the fight against illegal immigration, in addition to its importance for the Spanish economic fabric. ”.

He indicated that the volume of trade between the two countries exceeds 21 billion euros, and that more than 17,000 Spanish companies export their products to Morocco.

Albares also highlighted the existing human ties between the two countries, emphasizing that nearly a million Moroccans live in Spain and 17,000 Spaniards live in Morocco.

He mentioned the visit of the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, to Morocco on February 21 this year, as well as the holding of the high-level meeting last year, the first of its kind in 8 years, which ended by the signing of the largest number of bilateral agreements between Morocco and Spain.

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