One of Morocco’s worst enemies at CAF in trouble: “Hawks” accuses him of stealing R1.3 million


One of Morocco’s worst enemies at CAF who has always hindered the interests of the Kingdom within the African Football Authority, which continues to do so while defending the cause of Algeria at CAF, having been behind the arrival of Mandela’s grandson in Oran during CHAN and his famous speech against Morocco, and who has led the South African football federation for more than 30 years, this time seems to be caught in the pincers by a Struggle Unit Against Serious Commercial Offenses called (Hawks) which accuses him of serious delays

Still, the Serious Commercial Offenses Unit (Hawks) carried out a forceful raid on the headquarters of the South African Football Federation (Safa) on March 8.

The Confederation of African Football is closely following recent developments in South Africa, where the headquarters of its Football Federation was raided by the Serious Commercial Crime Unit, commonly known as the Hawks. This action raised concerns about the respect and image of football in the country.

CAF asked Safa, in a press release released on Saturday March 16, to provide it with a detailed report attesting that neither the Association nor its President, Dr Danny Jordaan, have violated the rules established by the two world football bodies. .

The allegations made by the Hawks Serious Commercial Crime Investigation Unit are serious, in line with international legal principles and case law

According to Hawks spokesperson Colonel Katlego Mogale, cited by several media, this search follows allegations which “indicate that between 2014 and 2018, the president of Safa, Danny Jordaan, used the resources of the organization for his personal benefit, including hiring a private security company for personal protection and a public relations company without the authorization of the Safa board of directors. »

By doing so, “the president would also have violated the statutes of Safa, thus causing Safa a real loss of 1.3 million rand,” continues the colonel.

According to some media reports, a laptop, external hard drives, a USB key and other documents are among the items confiscated by the Hawks

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