Ramadan notebooks… Isn’t it time for the creators of banalities to stop their banalities. Whose fault is it?

HIBAPRESS-Mohamed Manfalouti

We have said, and those who have great opinion and wisdom with us have said that Ramadan is the month of reconciliation with the Creator, and it is a month of honor, in which supplications are raised until the heaven and heard, during which mercy prevails.

But the whole truth, which only an ungrateful or arrogant person can deny, is that the triviality, the absurdity, the indecency were not limited to specific months, but rather extended until the month of Ramadan, or the creators continue to create events and distribute abominations, both apparent and hidden.

After their fame became “a begging for likes and views”, they adapted to this, getting a “Blade” phone, to engage in documenting their “nonsense”. with the taste for exciting movements of parts of their body, or their impudence can lead them to document even on their bed with their wives, at a time when the signs of chivalry and virility were absent and in which their traces mixed with those purebred horses.

They are the creators of banalities, who are not to blame in reality. On the contrary, all the fault lies with everyone who runs after them, follows their mistakes and helps to raise their audience level. Yes, they create these trivial topics with their positions, with artificial laughter and smiles, without content, without meaning or value. This is huge for those who follow them among their people, who repeat the same trumpet of mediocrity and absurdity. Their one and only concern is to create “empty buzz” in order to double their financial income, even to the detriment of their honor and dignity.

They are therefore creators of triviality, who have benefited from the margin of freedom granted to them on social networks in the absence of strict supervision and sanctions…

They took advantage of this margin of freedom to create names for themselves on paper which would quickly fade and lose their luster as long as their primary motivation was greed and the love of money to display what remained of their honor on social networks.

As we live in the scent of a blessed month, which erases the sins of past months, let us say a common word between us and you, so that we do not deviate from the main objectives brought about by social media and technology in general, and that we do not misunderstand this and mismanage it. Instead of these people exploiting it for the positive, they lost their habits and used them for what is worse… What a shame…

They are creators of banalities, who have neither limit nor sanctity of time or place, and in order to achieve fame and quick profit without difficulty, they exchange the honor that remains to them, but for on the other hand, there is a long way to go.

Here, the role of the media and honest journalism is to correct the course, to sow the seeds of Culture in society and not to “tyrannize” it. The current missing truth is that every member of society has enough awareness and reflection to distinguish between things, but sometimes he closes his eyes and lets himself watch these scandals and absurdities, and who will be inevitably held accountable to himself, to history and to Almighty God, who says: “For those who love the indecency that spreads among those who have believed will have a painful punishment in this world and in the afterlife, and God knows it and you do not know…”

We tell them, at least respect this Sacred Month and do things that are consistent with the sanctity of these blessed days, perhaps they will be a way for you to change course….

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