‘I’m not Snoop Dog,’ Toto’s hash consumption reaches Parliament

A letter sent to the Moroccan minister of culture Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid on September 26 raised questions on the alleged promotion of drugs by Moroccan rapper El Grande Toto who brought in queues of young fans during his performance in the grand concert of Rabat.

The letter was submitted to parliament by the Party of Progress and Socialism (PPS). Its title states that it is addressed to Bensaid on the organization of an event that promoted drug use.

“To Mr. the president you’re undoubtedly aware of the authentic meaning of Rabat being the city of lights,” said the letter. e.

By inviting Toto to the concert, the ministry of culture would have reversed the course of the meaningful activities, the PPS said.

“He [referring to the rapper] stated publicly in a press conference supervised by your ministry, that he consumes drugs, which can be considered as a promotion to this type of behavior that can be a negative influence on youth.”

The letter questions how Toto was picked in the first place and demands an explanation of the selection criteria for artists to participate in events such as the Grand Concert of Rabat.

The PPS sought answers on measures taken by the ministry of culture to show Morocco’s cultural diversity, while staying away from any form of immorality and offense to the image of art, culture, and creation.

The minister of culture still did not answer the letter.

Toto spoke of drugs at the conference preceding his performance at the Grand Concert of Rabat on the 23 of September.

He specified that he never intended to influence anyone with what he posts on his social media when a journalist asked him about promoting drug consumption among youth on his Instagram account.

Toto answered the journalist saying that he smokes hashish, ‘so what?’

“Did I smoke more than Bob Marley? Did I smoke more than Snoop Dog?” said Toto explaining that even if he smokes for a lifetime he will never consume as many drugs as these two did.

Last night, El Grande Toto posted a video on his Instagram account of him purchasing rolling papers of different kinds and colors.

The caption explains that the rolling papers are sold in stores, hinting at their availability and accessibility.

He then started the Twitter hashtag ‘oumenbe3d’ which translates into ‘so what, which is something that he said during the conference following the drugs question that he deemed provocative.

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