An extensive national campaign to strengthen measles vaccination


The Ministry of Health and Social Protection announced on Wednesday the deployment of an extensive national campaign to strengthen vaccination against measles, which is part of its proactive policy aimed at limiting the spread of epidemics and strengthening the response.

This initiative aims to restore child vaccination levels to levels observed before the Covid-19 pandemic, which led to a drop in vaccination coverage rates in most regions and provinces of the Kingdom, explains the ministry in a press release.

With this in mind, the ministry strongly encourages all families, especially parents and guardians, to promptly review their children’s medical records in health centers and private practices to ensure the administration of the required doses for measles ( at the ages of nine and eighteen months), indicates the same source, emphasizing the need to administer two doses of vaccine to children not yet vaccinated while supplementing the doses for those who have only received one alone.

As part of its communication strategy aimed at monitoring the epidemiological evolution of measles and its constant efforts to contain the spread of epidemiological diseases and protect public health, the ministry announces that it has monitored the emergence of new cases of measles in Morocco suggesting a more widespread expansion of the virus, underlines the same source.

Emphasizing the importance of this campaign as a preventive measure aimed at protecting citizens and society from the risk of measles, the ministry encourages all parties concerned to actively participate in this operation and visit the centers to receive the vaccine free of charge, notes the same source.

And to recall that the World Health Organization continues to warn of the regressions observed on a global scale in surveillance systems and the reduction in vaccination rates, because no country is immune to the threat of measles, thus increasing the risk of an epidemic and exposing all children not vaccinated against this disease to dangers that could potentially lead to mortality.

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