Grand Concert of Rabat comes to an end after three days

After three days of Moroccan and international artists performing in the capital of lights, the Grand Concert of Rabat finally came to an end last night with a lot of surprises like 7ari’s unexpected appearance alongside L’Artiste, announcing the release date of his upcoming album.

Surpassing the attendance rate of the first two days, the last day knew 200.000 spectators as Malian artist Salif Keita opened the show.

He was followed by Arab Moroccan Diva Samira Said. She performed some of her oldest and newest hits in front of a crowd from all age ranges.

The Famous Moroccan group of three, Fnair, lit the stage up with a big selection of their most famous songs, like Dilbar, their Moroccan take on an Indian song that was originally a movie score, Yed Lhenna, and 3echaqa Mellala.

Surprisingly, the group also performed Chayeb, a song they wrote about underage marriage in Morocco as a gesture to shed light on the seriously concerning matter.

Fnair showed up in outfits reflecting their attention to detail and grand interest in fashion.

What followed was one of the most highly anticipated performances of the concert: Lartiste.

The Moroccan rapper and singer gave a performance of a lifetime by signing what the fans expected and more.

Lartiste had a surprise for his fans when he started performing Gonzales, an unexpected artist joined him on stage wearing a mask but fans could tell who he was from the first words he rapped: 7ari.

7ari performed along side Lartiste and had a surprise of his own, the release date of his upcoming album which is January 7, 2023.

Lartiste sang in Tamazight and dedicated that song to his mother, from whom he gets his Amazigh roots

He performed Va et Vien, Miel, Clandestine, Chocolat, and other songs from old ones to new releases as the fans chanted every word.

He held a FAR football club flag which drove fans crazy.

With Lartiste’s performance, the three days long Grand Concert of Rabat came to an end in a city that missed festivals, and gave Rbatis endless memories to look back to.

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