Moroccan Noor Slaoui, first rider to represent the Kingdom of Morocco and Arab countries at the Olympic Eventing events


The Royal Moroccan Federation of Equestrian Sports (FRMSE) announced the qualification of Noor Slaoui, the first Moroccan rider in the Eventing discipline, for the Paris Olympic Games which will take place from July 26 to August 11, 2024.

Noor Slaoui will be the first rider to represent the Kingdom of Morocco and Arab countries at the Olympic Eventing events.

For Noor, this participation is both an honor and a challenge for her career and her country: “I am proud to represent my country at this prestigious sporting event. I reached the high level after seven intensive years of practice under the watchful eye and wise advice of professionals in this sport and at the cost of numerous sacrifices that I do not regret.”

“I have a very special bond with the horse who will accompany me to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, “Cash in Hand”: we have progressed together from the smallest levels to the Olympic level. We know each other by heart and I am delighted to live this adventure with him.”

Noor Slaoui’s passion for horses has developed since childhood, beginning at the age of 4 with family mule treks in the High Atlas. Subsequently, she traveled across Morocco on horseback, and spent most of her time in the stables, something which allowed her to forge deep bonds with her horses.

After obtaining the baccalaureate, Noor took a sabbatical year to complete her riding instructorship at the École Nationale d’Equitation de Saumur in France. She later continued her higher education in England at the University of Warwick, and continued to ride horses every day at a club near the university. It was at that moment that she discovered the discipline of Eventing: it is a triathlon of equestrian sports which combines elegance in dressage, precision in show jumping and bravery on the Cross. The Rider-Horse partnership must excel during each phase to hope for a good ranking.

Noor Slaoui

1st Moroccan International eventing rider 1st Arab rider to have qualified for the eventing Olympics 1st Arab rider to compete at the world championships for young horses in 2022 and 2023 1st Arab rider to compete in the Nations Cup (Double clear round at Millstreet 4*) Top 10 in 4* (Olympic level)

The Eventing Competition

Eventing is an equestrian triathlon composed of three distinct and successive events: dressage, cross-country, and show jumping. Eventing requires the rider and horse to be good at each discipline, hence the name “eventing”. Eventing is one of three equestrian disciplines included in the program of the Olympic Games, along with dressage and show jumping, and one of eight planned for the World Equestrian Championships (called World Equestrian Games).

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