Second night of Grand concert festival paints Rabat in festive colors

The second night of the Grand concert of Rabat kicked off with many surprises, from shared stages to a surprise artist, to Dadju showing up with a Jabador as a gift to his Moroccan fans.

The second day of the concert started with DJ Kawtar Sadik yet again, with mixes sampled from new and old Moroccan songs such as Inas Inas by the legend of Amazigh songs, the late Rouicha.

She sang live as she mixed her songs, creating an unmatched vibe with her unwavering smile.

Kawtar lit the stage on fire under the starry nights of the capital.

Right after and all the way from Nigeria, Arya Starr performed some of her most famous songs in front of a public who cheered for her ‘Bloody Samaritan.’

Grands concerts de Rabat : El Grande Toto, Ayra Starr et Dadju enflamment la scène

With the famous morning shows host presenting every star before their performance, the audience took a break and got ready for the next show.

El Grande Toto took over and gave the Rbati audience a memorable night.

He performed Comforter with Arya Starr, and danced to the rhythm of the hit song as fans chanted every word.

He mostly performed songs from his critically acclaimed album Cameleon such as Santa Fe and WAH, bringing a surprise artist for the latter, ‘3robi’, the Moroccan rapper who is featured on the song.

Grands concerts de Rabat : El Grande Toto, Ayra Starr et Dadju enflamment la scène

Toto brought his father on stage which fans found to be very heartfelt and genuine.

His fans sounded the loudest when he performed 7lmt Ado 5.

He says that this is one of the best concerts he has performed in and thanked the ministry of culture for the efforts dedicated to the concert.

Dadju, the French Congolese superstar took over the stage wearing a Jabador which took fans by surprise.

He said that the only rule to his concerts is knowing the lyrics by heart and the audience did not disappoint.

Dadju is used to performing in Morocco and every time he does he takes the concert experience to a new level, with a live band, great energy, and a lot of love for his fans.

The grand concert of Rabat had 170.000 visitors last night making Dadju’s wish to surpass the 150.000 who attended the first night, true.

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