Death of a Moroccan in a tragic road accident in Spain

According to exclusive sources reported by “Hiba Press”, a tragic road accident that occurred on a road in Seville this Tuesday morning caused the death of at least one Moroccan immigrant.

This is MZR, originally from the city of Tetouan, who was in a light car with other people whose identity has not yet been determined.

Early this morning, an international transport truck hit one of the security barriers installed by the Civil Guard at the entrances and exits of the city, causing the death of at least six civilians, including two members of the Civil Guard.

Spanish media sources confirmed that the driver, arrested following the accident, was neither drunk nor under the influence of narcotics and was not dependent on these substances.

The Consulate General in Seville mobilized its teams to react to this road accident which hit Spain this morning, just as it activated all its telephone lines to receive calls in order to identify possible Moroccan nationals who could be victims of this tragic accident.

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