Toto to release ‘leved-up’ new album this summer

Moroccan rapper, El Grande Toto said Friday that his latest album will be released in the summer of 2023.

In a press conference held today, the Moroccan rapper answered a few questions about his future plans, saying that, unlike the three years that took him to release his previous album “Cameleon,” his next album is just months away.

He explained that the album was supposed to come out this year but a long of complications made it impossible. One of the problems he faced was the refusal of his Visa to go to France. He mainly wanted to travel to meet up with French-based producers to work on the album. 

‘With my team and Draganov and Asel, we leveled up with this album, we reached a new level,’ said the rapper.

He assured that he wants to release this album which coincides with the ending of his contract with his current label to move on to new beginnings.

At the end of the exclusive statement, he announced that he will be touring after the release of the album.

Right after, the international star Dadju joined the conference and talked about his love for music, Morocco, and his fans.

This isn’t Ddaju’s first time in Morocco but he always looks forward to performing before a crowd that supports him endlessly and knows all of his songs by heart.

He said that he prepared a very interesting stage experience for all the festival comers, and he hopes that his audience will beat last night’s number which was 150.000 people.

The conference and the Grand Concerts of Rabat are part of « Rabat, Capital of African culture » (RCAC) festivities.

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