Apple sued in the United States for abuse of dominant position


The US Department of Justice filed a lawsuit Thursday against Apple for violating antitrust laws related to the iPhone. Filed in New Jersey federal court by the Department of Justice and 16 attorneys general, the complaint concerns in particular the question of access to the hardware and software functions of the iPhone by Apple's competitors.

According to Bloomberg, the legal action marks the culmination of a five-year investigation into the world's second most valuable technology company. The Biden administration has made competition a cornerstone of its economic policy, with Silicon Valley becoming a priority. Apple shares extended their decline following the complaint, falling 3.3% to $172.79 as of 10:56 a.m. in New York.

The lawsuit alleges that Apple used its power over the distribution of apps on iPhone to thwart innovations that would have made it easier for consumers to switch phones. Tim Cook's firm refused to support cross-platform messaging apps, limited third-party digital wallets and non-Apple smartwatches, and blocked mobile cloud streaming services.

“This case aims to free smartphone markets from Apple's anticompetitive and exclusionary behavior and restore competition to lower smartphone prices for consumers, reduce developer fees, and preserve innovation for the future ”, according to the suit.

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