Morocco certifies its first Spanish restaurant: Sa Caleta

The Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy in Casablanca awarded Sa Caleta restaurant in Rabat with a credential diploma.

This counts as Morocco’s first certification of a Spanish restaurant.

This falls within ICEX Spain Export investment program to promote Spanish cuisine and certify Spanish restaurants that fit the required quality standards.

The ICEX program is called ‘Restaurants from Spain’.

The given credentials are a way of recognizing catering initiatives outside of Spain that still focuses on Spanish gastronomy, which in turn acts as a guarantor of the quality level of these restaurants.

It helps establish standards and quality criteria for the consumer who looks for quality Spanish cuisine.

On September 12, the Casablanca-based Economic and Commercial Office of Spain arrived Sa Caleta restaurant in Rabat, accompanied by the SOIVRE adviser, Odón Palla.

Casablanca Office Advisor Manuel V. Rodriguez presented the certification to Chefs Paula Casanovas and Flip Planas, accompanied by his partner, Pepe Garriga.

The restaurant that opened its doors nine years ago, prepared a tasting menu that included many of the current menu items.

During lunch, the participants discussed the importance of the dissemination of Spanish gastronomy and its possibilities in a country like Morocco.

They additionally discussed the difficulties and ease of finding certain foods in the country and the evolution of Spanish gastronomy in recent years.

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