Around 70% of Ukraine students fail entrance exams of Moroccan medical schools

Around 70% of the students returning from Ukraine failed to pass entrance exams to access private medical institutions organized by the Higher Higher Education.

The number of candidates who succeeded reached 123 out of 393 candidates, 34 of whom are in general medicine, 79 in dentistry, and 10 in pharmacy, sources told HIBAPRESS.

A total of 150 students took dental exams, 83 in pharmacy, and 160 in general medicine, added the same source.

68.7% of the students who took the exams failed, compared to a minority of 31.3% who succeeded, according to the same source.

The fate of those who failed is not yet clear.

The entrance exam was held on September 24, with the results being announced on the same day.

The Higher Education Minister had revealed that the number of Ukrainian students who have registered themselves on the electronic platform reached 800.

Previously, Miraoui said that his ministry agreed with private medical institutions to reduce fees for Ukraine students.

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