The Polisario attacks France after the declarations of its ambassador in Rabat in favor of the Moroccan Sahara


The separatist Polisario front attacked France and its ambassador in Rabat, who had affirmed in previous declarations the Moroccan nature of the Sahara and its support for the Moroccan Initiative aimed at granting Autonomy to the Southern Provinces under the full sovereignty of the Kingdom.

The Polisario described in its media the statements of the French ambassador “dangerous” and condemned them in the “strongest terms”, adding that France is the main obstacle to the efforts of the international community aimed at finding a solution In the region.”

The accusations of the separatist front against France come in a press release published yesterday in response to statements made by the French ambassador in Rabat, Christophe Lecourtier, last Thursday in Rabat, during a conference organized by the Faculty of Legal and Economic Sciences and Social – Rabat Agdal, on the theme “Franco-Moroccan relations: issues and perspectives”.

The French ambassador affirmed that his country had stood by Morocco since the start of the Sahara conflict, adding that his country had stood by Morocco at the United Nations when it was isolated and that it was one of the first countries to support the Autonomy Initiative.

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