Water crisis: Residents of Figuig keep their protest open

The local advocacy coordination for the issues of the city of Figuig announced that the residents of the city of Figuig renew their refusal to join the group of Eastern municipalities for distribution and demand the immediate withdrawal of this company.

The local issues advocacy coordination of the city of Figuig confirmed in a statement that all forms of peaceful and constructive protest will remain open until management responds to residents' demands.
The Advocacy Coordination for Issues of the City of Figuig explained that it ensured that some of its members were present among the guests during the communication meeting that took place on Thursday, March 21, 2024, at which they participated all the stakeholders of the city of Figuig, chaired by the wali of the Eastern region and the civil servant and the director of local public networks at the Ministry of the Interior.

The same statement added that this meeting, which was supposed to be a way to allay residents' fears about the entry of these companies, did not leave enough time for the speakers to express themselves freely in order to convey “this that we wanted to communicate to the central delegate of the Ministry of the Interior.
The statement revealed that this meeting did not bring anything new regarding what the residents of Figuig knew about Bill 83/21, except to give official information a chance to convey what she wanted to the audience and applaud him.

The same press release stressed that the real fear of the residents “comes from their conscience and their fear of the details of the project which will be included in the implementing decrees”, announcing the boycott of the protesting residents and the councilors who reject all activities of local management.

The coordination expressed its indignation at the selective approach adopted by the official media in the transfer of the facts of the communication meeting and the transmission of the interventions of the party in favor of the accession of the company to the municipality of Figuig only , while excluding the other point of view of the representatives of the protesting residents.

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