Banque Populaire inaugurates its first branch in El Guerguarate


The Banque Populaire Group inaugurated its first bank branch in El Guerguarate on Friday, thus helping to support the development dynamic in the southern provinces of the Kingdom.

This new agency was inaugurated in the presence of the wali of the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab region, governor of the province of Oued Eddahab, Ali Khalil, the governor of the province of Aousserd, Abderrahaman El Jaouhari, and the president of the BCP Group , Mohamed Karim Mounir, as well as elected officials and civil and military personalities.

The inauguration of this new agency constitutes a strong signal of the BCP Group's commitment to the economic and social development of the southern provinces of the Kingdom.

Mobilizing a total amount of 3.5 million dirhams (MDH) on a total area estimated at 385 m², including 370 m² covered, this project includes a bank branch, Chaabi Cash and two staff accommodation.

The Group is thus strengthening its contribution to the revitalization of economic activity in the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab region, which enjoys rich economic potential and benefits from significant investments in key sectors, such as maritime fishing, tourism and renewable energies.

In a statement to the press, the President of the Supervisory Board of the Banque populaire de Laâyoune, Lalla Hajja Joumani, stressed that the opening of this first agency at the El Guerguarate border post is part of the Royal Initiative for the Atlantic, and confirms that the Kingdom is moving steadily towards strengthening economic cooperation and developing commercial and financial exchanges with African countries.

For his part, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Banque Populaire de Laâyoune, Abdenaceur Bougtib, indicated that the establishment of this new banking agency at this border post is in harmony with its values ​​of proximity and citizenship. , noting that this initiative will contribute to strengthening economic development in the region.

The Group has a strong presence in the southern provinces of the Kingdom, he welcomed, specifying that Banque Populaire has 29 banking branches in Laâyoune and 9 others in Dakhla.

This inauguration also marks an important step in the decentralization strategy of Banque Populaire, one of whose primary missions is to promote financial inclusion by facilitating access to banking services for all, in all regions of the Kingdom. .

Thus, by offering a full range of banking services in El Guerguerate, Banque Populaire fits perfectly into its role as a leading financial partner for local communities, businesses operating in the region, passengers crossing the Moroccan-Mauritanian border. , as well as the various regional development projects.

Through this initiative, the BCP Group reaffirms its commitment as a major citizen actor working for the socio-economic development of all regions of the Kingdom and in particular the southern provinces.

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