Chichaoua Province: Monitoring of post-earthquake reconstruction projects


The various projects linked to post-earthquake reconstruction benefit, at the level of the province of Chichaoua, from particular attention and rigorous and regular monitoring, by all stakeholders, local authorities and partners, the effect of guaranteeing this large-scale operation, all the conditions for success.

In this context, field visits to a number of territorial communes of the province were organized on Sunday, in the presence in particular of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Regional Planning, Urban Planning, Housing and City policy – Department of Housing and City Policy, Youssef Hosni, the governor of the province of Chichaoua, Bouabid El Guerrab, directors and central officials of the said ministry, regional and provincial officials, as well as local authorities and professionals (architects, design offices, etc.).

Thus, Mr. Hosni and the delegation accompanying him went to the Guemassa douar in the territorial commune of Guemassa where he inquired about the progress of the reconstruction work on houses demolished by the earthquake. September 8 last year.

In the “Imin Ouassif” douar in the territorial commune of Assif El Mal, Mr. Hosni visited house reconstruction sites, using, among other things, local materials and in strict compliance with safety measures. safety, and seismic ones, as well as architectural plans issued by the competent authorities. All in perfect harmony with the architectural and landscape character of the area.

Subsequently, Mr. Hosni and the delegation accompanying him traveled to the territorial commune of Mzouda, more precisely to the douar “Berdoune”, an opportunity to learn about the progress of the reconstruction work and the all the measures taken in this area, to enable this project to make great progress.

Previously, a technical meeting was held at the headquarters of the prefecture of the province of Chichaoua, an opportunity to recall the high guidelines of King Mohammed VI, in particular the priority nature of the rehousing operation, the adoption of a strong response, rapid and proactive, respect for the dignity of populations, habits and customs and heritage, and the imperative of technical and architectural supervision.

In a speech for the occasion, Mr. Hosni gave a detailed overview of all the measures taken at the central level, in order to allow this reconstruction operation to move forward in better conditions, praising in passing the efforts made and the monitoring and support carried out on the ground by local authorities, the services concerned, and professionals and partners, with the aim of transcending all the difficulties encountered, quickly and efficiently, and enabling beneficiaries to obtain decent housing. .

For his part, the governor of the province of Chichaoua, with supporting figures, highlighted the major steps taken by the post-earthquake reconstruction operation in this part of the national territory, thanks to the synergy and the effective collaboration of all stakeholders at the central and local level, and the positive interaction of the population, reiterating the commitment of the provincial authorities to remain attentive to citizens and to persevere on this way, in order to guarantee this operation all the conditions for success and this, in application of the high instructions of King Mohammed VI and the high concern with which the Sovereign continues to surround the populations victims of the earthquake of last September 8.

This meeting was also an opportunity for the audience to discuss a number of questions and technical aspects linked to the principles, stages, models and devices concerning this large-scale project.

In a statement to MAP, Amine Idrissi Belkasmi, director of the Urban Agency in Marrakech, said that these field visits are part of the permanent monitoring carried out by the services of the Ministry of Housing, The reconstruction operation of houses impacted by the Al Haouz earthquake, highlighting the strong dynamic of post-earthquake reconstruction experienced in the province of Chichaoua.

“More than 2,000 construction sites have been opened thanks to the support of administrative services but also professionals, architects, design offices, and laboratories made available to citizens, by the ministry through the Al Omrane Company, for the construction of their homes within the framework of the public aid regime decided by the public authorities,” he explained.

And to continue that the objective of these visits is to stop visually on the state of progress of these projects and to ensure respect and application of the high guidelines of King Mohammed VI which supervise this operation and which insist on the solidity and safety of constructions, respect for architectural specificities in rural areas, as well as listening to citizens by taking into account their needs and concerns in this area.

“The operation continues in this direction, and we believe that we have reached a decisive stage which will undoubtedly lead to achieving the expected objectives and within the set deadlines,” he concluded.

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