Oujda records maximum wind speed at 115 kilometers per hour

The General Directorate of Meteorology reported that last Sunday, March 24, the city of Oujda recorded the strongest wind gusts, reaching a speed of 115 kilometers per hour, followed by the cities of Errachidia and Tangier where the speed wind reached 89 kilometers per hour.

Winds blowing at a speed of 67 kilometers per hour were also recorded in Fez, 61 kilometers per hour in Midelt, 57 kilometers per hour in Taza, and 50 kilometers per hour in Agadir Al Massira.

These strong winds are attributed, according to the weather forecast, to the presence of a depression accompanied by cold air masses in the upper layers of the atmosphere above Morocco.

The same source added that the city and airport of Oujda experienced a dust storm yesterday, Sunday March 24, where the speed of the southerly winds reached 115 kilometers per hour at 7:13 a.m. UTC, reducing horizontal visibility. at 200 meters due to raised dust.

These strong winds also kicked up dust, giving the sky an orange tint due to dust being suspended in the atmosphere. This color is an optical phenomenon resulting from the dispersion of light on dust particles, which can be seen in orange or red, depending on the same source.

Weather has confirmed that dust particles obscure colors such as yellow, green and blue, leaving only red and orange colors to pass through.

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