Morocco prepares to receive 24 American Apache helicopters


The Spanish newspaper “Larazon” reported that Morocco is set to receive 24 American Apache AH-64E attack helicopters, after the Kingdom earlier reached an agreement with the United States.

The Spanish newspaper reveals that the Royal Armed Forces are preparing to receive this type of attack helicopter in the coming months.

Reports have noted a number of military advantages available to the Apache helicopter (AH-64E), which will increase the defensive capabilities of the Moroccan Air Force, thus helping to identify risks and in the face of regional and international threats.

Reports explain that “the new Apache helicopter has technologies to improve target identification with high accuracy, whether at night or day, and it also has the ability to control drones, while using a engine considered to be the best engine for military aircraft. »

The AH-64E Apache, which Boeing started manufacturing last year, is one of the best attack helicopters in the world and can only be compared to some Russian models like the Mi-28 Havoc or the Ka -52 Alligators.

The same sources add that the necessary preparations are underway at the military base in the town of Khouribga to accommodate the Apache squadrons, which will be armed with Lockheed Martin AGM-114L/R Hellfire surface-to-air missiles, advanced laser-guided missiles, groups from BAE Systems, and more than 5,000 70 mm Raytheon AIM-92H Stinger air-to-air missiles and rockets, as part of the purchase contract concluded between Morocco and the United States of America.

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