The collapse of separatism | Polisario's relationship with terrorism | Episode (7 Continued)

What do we know about the Polisario “mercenaries”! On their origins! On their internal composition! Their relations with Algeria, terrorism and Iran! Their violations in the field of human rights! …Through this series, we will present to our loyal readers the truth about this illusory entity, starting with the chronology of the “making” of the separatist front and ending with the collapse of the separatist proposition and the shrinking of the base of the separatists. recognized and united countries, leading to the “Royal Atlantic” initiative which put an end to the dreams of the separatists and their Algerian supporters (…)

In 2012, a professor at the Potomac Institute of Policy Studies prepared a report titled “Terrorism in North Africa and the Sahel in 2012,” which stated: “The prevailing situation, particularly in managed refugee camps by the Polisario near Tindouf, in the southwest of Algeria, is worrying because these camps have quickly transformed into regional fertile ground for the recruitment of terrorists. »

On October 23, 2012, Al-Qaeda kidnapped three humanitarian workers (Spaniards and an Italian) from the heart of the Tindouf camps, where human movement between camps is only permitted with Polisario permission and under intelligence protection. Algerian.

The release of the European hostages was only achieved after Spain paid a large ransom to the terrorist groups, who used these networks to penetrate the heart of the camps. Since then, the Spanish government has issued a warning to Spanish activists prohibiting them from visiting the Tindouf camps and has stopped all support for associations supporting the Polisario.

Furthermore, the Polisario has largely exploited the widespread availability of weapons from international trafficking in the Sahel and desert region. Its members joined abundant terrorist movements in the region to implement the destructive agenda against this illusory entity targeting Morocco. This is evident in the warlike declarations adopted by Polisario representatives during their sham conferences, calling for terrorist acts against Morocco.

In the same context, the camps in the Tindouf camps became a reserve for the recruitment of jihadists for various terrorist organizations active in this region since the days of the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat, which later became Al- Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

Today, these camps have become a known base for supplying various organizations affiliated with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria with terrorist recruits and fuel for cannons, with the blessing and complicity of the Polisario leadership, which operates under the military regime of a State continuing to provide this alleged entity with political, diplomatic, financial and military support, contributing to the perpetuation of fifty years of suffering and pain endured by the isolated inhabitants of the Tindouf camps by depriving them of their fundamental rights to freedom of movement or expression and their right to a decent life.

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