The “WhatsApp” platform tests image editing with artificial intelligence


Instant messaging platform WhatsApp is testing new features that allow users to modify images using artificial intelligence mechanisms when sharing them.

According to the latest beta version of the application on the Android system, the platform is testing additional options to improve the user experience in editing photos before sharing them.

Users can see the new options in the image editing interface that appears after selecting images and before sending them.

When you click on the icon intended to modify images via artificial intelligence, three different options appear, including the “Backdrop” option, which allows you to change the background of the images according to what the user wants.

Additionally, the platform will offer the “Restyle” option to change the style of photos and give them a new artistic look.

Additionally, the “Enlarge” feature will allow users to zoom in on the entire image, providing them with the flexibility to adjust the size of their images as per their needs.

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