In response to HibaPress' question on the reform of the Family Code, Ouzine: “We reject ideological alignment”


Mohamed Ouzine, secretary general of the Popular Movement Party, said there was a void on the political scene that had become “miserable” after the political elite was “damaged”, which explains the smear campaigns that targeted the elected. .

In response to HibaPress' question regarding the position of the Popular Movement Party on the reform of the Family Code, Ouzine declared during a meeting at the Maison de la Presse in Tangier that there is a “hostile discussion” between the government and the opposition on the issue of the Family Code, considering that the discussion has moved towards an exchange of accusations between the Parties before the “pornists” and the “Daechians”, a method according to him is unacceptable and does not rise to the level of a serious political debate, while retorting: “We reject ideological alignment”.

Mohamed Ouzine, who came to Tangier to discuss the theme of “the political situation in Morocco”, added that the Popular Movement Party has submitted proposals to the body responsible for modifying the Family Code, in which a development approach was highlighted, in the area related to the rights of women and children, in line with the participatory approach of HM King Mohammed VI.

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