The French Embassy and TLS Contact humiliate Moroccans

A certain number of Moroccans wishing to obtain Schengen visas from the French embassy, ​​via the company “TLS Contact”, are encountering difficulties.

After a long search and making appointments to submit Schengen visa applications with great difficulty, the applications of Moroccans find themselves in an uncertain situation after their submission to TLS Contact.
According to testimonies from several Moroccans, applicants are forced to wait weeks, even months, without receiving a response from the agency.

The citizens added that after withdrawing their passports for urgent reasons, they found themselves forced to sign a document canceling their visa application, thereby depriving them of visa fees and obligations.

It is worth remembering that the waiting period for a response to visa applications did not exceed three weeks before the coronavirus pandemic, and when you are forced to withdraw your passport for urgent reasons, it is possible to collect it from the consulate without canceling the request.

In this context, in the absence of a law protecting Moroccans against these illegal violations, citizens will continue to suffer from these humiliations.

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