“Friction within the AMDH: Aziz Ghali sues a lawyer in Marrakech after a publication on Facebook! »

Due to a publication on Facebook described as “insulting and defamatory” against one of its members, the Moroccan Association for Human Rights (AMDH) filed a complaint against a lawyer in Marrakech; also an associative activist, member of the Moroccan Organization of Human Rights (OMDH), and regional youth manager of the political party USFP (Socialist Union of Popular Forces).

Without delay, and in support of the “unjustly treated comrade”, the AMDH dispatched its senior leaders, like its president Ghali and Souad Brahma, for a real show of force in front of the doors of the court of first instance of Marrakech, last Wednesday March 13.

Furthermore, the hearing was postponed until April 2 to allow the defense to prepare.

Before the preeminent era of Aziz Ghali, the AMDH had never deigned to resort to legal proceedings to repress any freedom of expression, nor even to punish harsh criticism of the association or one of its members.

Observers attentive to the subtleties of human rights in Morocco view the legal action carried out by the AMDH as a dangerous breach, threatening one of the most sacred rights, of which the AMDH proclaims itself the most ardent watchdog.

Likewise, and according to the same observers, this sudden mobilization before the court of first instance of Marrakech raises questions about the potential interference of the AMDH in the workings of justice.

Aziz Ghali's AMDH finds itself in an impasse, trapped between its unwavering aspiration to proclaim itself the champion of freedom of expression in Morocco and the irony that this legal action represents, going against its own principles

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