Hit Radio: Fake live call puts “Momo” under legal investigation


Private radio station Hit Radio broadcast live the incident of the theft of a caller's phone.

In this context, the security services of the city of Casablanca began to open a judicial investigation to discover the circumstances of this incident, and after contacting the alleged victim, it appeared that there had been no theft , but rather that the call had been faked.

The events of the fabricated theft began with a call between Mohamed Bousfiha, nicknamed “Momo”, and one of the listeners of his program, when the caller's voice suddenly cut off and sounds of Running and screaming were heard, leading Momo to interpret this movement as live flight.

After a few minutes, the victim of the fabricated theft called the show back, confirming that his phone had indeed been stolen in the Ouled Ziane area by two thieves.

During a telephone call on the HibaPress site with journalist Momo, the latter refrained from making any statement on this subject, assuring that he would explain everything about this event.

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