The company “Aqua Power”: the shutdown of the Noor 3 plant due to a leak in its tank

The company “Aqua Power” said that the Noor 3 plant, which was shut down due to a leak in its tank, is the largest concentrated solar power plant in the world. It is one of four plants constituting the Noor complex and represents only about 25% of the complex's total power.

In a statement, a copy of which was obtained by the newspaper “Hibapress”, the company explained that in 2023, the production of the “Noor 3” project exceeded 420 gigawatts per year, equivalent to the demand for more of 200,000 homes in Morocco, and saved 325,476 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions in the same year.

“Aqua Power”, according to the same source, indicated that the leak in the thermal tank of the “Noor 3” plant has not yet been repaired, but it nevertheless announced the start of repair work, and is committed to “continually improving performance and achieving optimal efficiency”.

The project operating company has taken decisive steps to strengthen the reliability and efficiency of the plant, including building a new tank with an improved design that will replace the damaged tank, using the latest technologies and valuable experience gained based on similar projects, and leveraging Aqua Power's extensive experience.

“Aqua Power” is committed to providing sustainable and innovative solutions that contribute to the energy transition and meet the evolving needs of its partners and stakeholders, adding: “We are confident that the improvements made to the Noor 3 project will strengthen its position as a leading and reliable source of renewable energy in Morocco and around the world.

The company said it received a notice on March 21, 2024 reporting a leak in the molten salt tank, highlighting the recurrence of technical problems and outages related to storage at the concentrated solar power plant.

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