“NARSA” reveals the reality of failure of driving test candidates

The National Road Safety Agency “NARSA” has confirmed a very positive development in the success rate of candidates between the first and second days of downloading the new question bank to take the theoretical exam to obtain the driving license. to drive.

In a statement, the agency explained that through the analysis of the initial data, it was concluded and recorded that the success rates varied between 32/40 and 39/40 for category “B”, and between 38 /46 and 42/46 for other categories. Most candidates obtained results close to the pass rate, with a national average of points obtained of around 23/40 on the first day and 28/40 on the second day for category “B”, and around 27/46 on first day and 32/46 on the second day for the other categories. The pass rate for the theoretical exam is 40/32 for category “B” and 46/38 for the other categories.

To ensure the success of this important reform workshop aimed at adequately preparing new drivers and improving road safety in the kingdom, with emphasis on good behavior, perception of dangers on the road and empowerment of the driver to assess his abilities when using road space, the National Road Safety Agency calls on all driving education professionals and candidates to continue to be involved in this workshop.

In this regard, NAARSA invites driving education establishments to closely monitor candidates and ensure that they are properly trained on the five approved axes (road, vehicle, driver, traffic rules and violations), and to ensure their preparation before reserving their exam dates, affirming that it will provide during this transition period to driving education establishments, via the “Perminou” learning platform, indications on the level of correct answers by axis for candidates registered in each establishment.

It also invites candidates to register and access the “Perminou” learning platform which contains complete content for the different axes, in order to prepare them to acquire the knowledge necessary to pass the driving license exam, emphasizing that the available data and indicators indicate that candidates who access and follow the training via this platform obtain impressive success rates and successfully pass the theoretical exam.

She indicated that she would monitor and evaluate on a daily basis the process of passing the new theoretical exam for obtaining the driving license, implementing all necessary means to guarantee the success of this important reform initiative aimed at raising the level qualification of drivers, thus contributing to improving road safety in the kingdom and ensuring fair competition between driving education professionals.

The National Road Safety Agency had announced the start of downloading the new bank of questions to take the theoretical exam to obtain the driving license from Monday March 25, according to the press release.

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