Driving school: On the 1st day of the new question bank, the failure of candidates reached 99%


Dahan Boubard, president of the National Union of Associations and Owners of Driving Schools, told HibaPress that the failure rate, which reached 99 percent on the first day of the implementation of the new question bank, for the driving license exam constitutes a precedent of its kind in the history of car driving, adding that this percentage is very shocking.

In his response to our question on the position of driving school leaders regarding the new question bank, Boubard also confirmed that it was the organizations and professionals who asked the former Ministry of Transport and Logistics to reconsider the recently approved question bank, i.e., from 2004 to 2024, which, in their opinion, as professionals, has become excessive to the point where the candidate is content to memorize only the questions which are under form of “PDF” and can easily pass the exam without understanding the concepts of highway code and road safety, which indicates that professionals are for a reform and reconsideration of the question bank, but within the limit of a rationalization.

The professional actor himself concluded his statement with the need to involve a committee composed of professionals to examine the new bank of questions in order to identify the shortcomings, whether in terms of quality of questions or manner to ask them to the candidate, while involving a commission made up of members of the Security, the Royal Gendarmerie and Civil Prevention, wondering however why professionals are not included in this commission.

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