Who is Fatiha El Moudni, the first woman of Sousse, new mayor of the capital Rabat?


Fatiha El Moudni is the first woman from Sousse to become mayor of the capital Rabat, after being elected at the end of last week after obtaining 66 votes out of 81 deputies, against 7 against and 3 councilors abstaining from voting.

The new mayor of Rabat comes from Douar Aghrabou, Ait Wafqa, Caida de Tahala, Cercle de Tafraout, Province of Tiznit.

Fatiha, 43 years old, her father is Abderrahman El Moudni, a well-known businessman in the field of maritime fishing and public works, colleague of Aziz Akhannouch, president of the National Rally of Independents.

Fatiha worked alongside the former mayor who submitted her resignation, Asma Ghlalou, since she held the position of secretary general of the Rabat Municipal Council, and was the constant companion of the former mayor due to her mastery French and English languages.

Fatiha previously belonged to the PAM Party

Before deciding in the company of Adel El Atrassi, president of the district of Souissi, decided to withdraw from the political and electoral work of the PAM, to then join the RNI and presented themselves on its behalf in the recent collective elections.

Fatiha obtained her baccalaureate in Rabat, after which she joined the International Institute of Higher Education. She traveled to England to complete her academic studies at the “ISOM” Institute, and worked there in the field of business management after obtaining advanced degrees in this field.

Fatiha has accumulated extensive experience in the field of management and procurement, which qualified her to work in Morocco in this field. She also accumulated great experience in the management of local affairs and in political work in which she moved from the PAM to the Party of the Dove.

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