In the video: Green Moroccans bring together senior Dutch officials at the Ramadan Iftar table

In a purely Moroccan atmosphere, the Moroccan community residing in the Netherlands, particularly in the Green region, met with a number of Dutch Muslims belonging to different countries, as well as a number of Dutch officials.

The Ramadan Iftar celebration, organized by the Moroccan civil society Vert and led by community activist Malika Zaboul, was attended by several officials, led by the mayor of Vert and several of his deputies and district officials.

In this regard, Malika Zaboul, the organizer of the ceremony, explained in her speech that the reunification of the Muslim community in the Netherlands represents one of the values ​​of solidarity, fraternity and synergy that Moroccans possess, notably in this holy month.

The ceremony was also attended by Dr. Iman Wehbe, Ambassador for Peace and Humanity in the Netherlands, who told Heba Press that this event embodies one of the beautiful values ​​and wonderful meanings that characterize Muslims around the world.

Dr. Wehbe welcomed the Moroccan initiative aimed at bringing together Muslims in the Netherlands around the iftar table and the invitation of a number of non-Muslim Dutch officials, impressed by the values ​​and principles that characterize Moroccans. of the Netherlands and Muslims in general.

In turn, the Mayor of the Netherlands said that the occasion was considered a wonderful event, highlighting the quality of the organization and the strong feelings that characterized the welcome of the participants, highlighting at the same time the depth of the message sent by the organizers. to all of the Netherlands and the world on the importance of tolerance, coexistence and integration.

Details and Ovi's statements regarding the Ramadan iftar evening at Dutch Weert can be found in the following clip:

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