Hit Radio clarifies its position following allegations linked to the “Momo Ramadan Show” on March 21


Hit Radio wishes to publicly address clarifications concerning allegations circulating on social networks and in certain media, concerning the program “Momo Ramadan Show” of March 21 during which a listener invited to speak on air allegedly deliberately simulated a live phone theft.

We would like to strongly refute any involvement of the station in the commission of these acts, which are totally contrary to our values. Hit Radio and its collaborators adhere to strict ethical and professional principles.

Hit Radio and its collaborators are completely unrelated to this affair and deny any link with the people behind the alleged facts. They are fully prepared to cooperate with the relevant authorities to clarify matters and allow the truth to be established.

In this context, Hit Radio expresses its unwavering respect for the security and justice forces and its recognition for the work they carry out in the service of citizens in order to maintain public security and well-being.

In the face of unfounded accusations, we reserve the right to take legal action against those seeking to tarnish our reputation through false allegations.

We want to reassure our audience and our partners of our constant dedication to offering quality content, while respecting the laws and values ​​that are dear to us. Your continued support is valuable to us, and we are committed to preserving the trust you place in us.

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