Ramadan Solidarity: The LabelVie Group supports the families of Al Haouz, the poor and the homeless in large cities


The LabelVie Group is deploying a series of solidarity initiatives in this holy month of Ramadan, targeting support and assistance to the victims of Al Haouz, as well as to destitute and homeless people. Through these actions, the Group is strengthening its commitment to the most vulnerable communities, by distributing food baskets, making donations, and participating in the organization of collective tours.

In collaboration with the El Baraka Angels association, the LabelVie Group initiated the distribution of 3,000 food baskets in the Al Haouz region, affecting several localities, including Amizmiz, Talat N'Yaaqoub, Ijoukak, and Azilal. These distributions aim to meet the immediate needs of affected families, by providing them with essential food resources during Ramadan.

Beyond food distribution, LabelVie is directly involved in the preparation of Ftours. In partnership with the Tadamoun Al Amal association, LabelVie employees gather every Wednesday to prepare meals to break the fast, also providing nearly 5,000 products necessary for the development of these Ftours.

This initiative strengthens the community spirit and the company's social impact. With Ladies Circle, LabelVie is extending its action in favor of the homeless and deprived people of Casablanca, by contributing 1,780 food products intended to support Ftours organized specifically for this population.

This initiative underlines the Group's commitment to providing concrete support and promoting solidarity during this month of sharing.

Commenting on these actions, Ms. Naoual Ben Amar, General Director of LabelVie declared: “Through these initiatives, we put into practice our values ​​of solidarity and community engagement, underlining our determination to support the victims of Al Haouz, as well as the destitute and the homeless. This month of Ramadan we have a unique opportunity to strengthen our support for the most vulnerable, and we are honored to contribute to their well-being.

“These efforts are part of the broader framework of the LabelVie Group's CSR commitments, illustrating a constant desire to have a positive impact on society and build a better future for all

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