Casablanca: Failure of a major drug trafficking operation and seizure of more than 10 tons of chira


Elements of the prefectural service of the judicial police in Casablanca succeeded, on the basis of precise information provided by the services of the General Directorate of Territorial Surveillance (DGST), in defeating, Wednesday at dawn, a large international drug trafficking operation and seize 10 tonnes and 300 kilograms of chira.

The operations carried out in the context of this affair, in coordination with elements of the Royal Gendarmerie with territorial jurisdiction, allowed the interception at the Casablanca bypass highway of two utility vehicles loaded with large quantities of chira, indicates the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN) in a press release, specifying that the driver of the first vehicle and another person who accompanied him were arrested at the motorway interchange, while the driver of the second vehicle refused to comply, at the time when another person who was on board this same vehicle exposed the lives of police officers and highway users to a dangerous threat by firing four bullets from a hunting rifle equipped with a belt loaded with cartridges.

To neutralize this dangerous aggression emanating from this suspect who was deliberately shooting at police officers and road users, an element of the Anti-Gang Brigade (BAG) was forced to use his weapon of service and fired four warning bullets before the fifth bullet reached the accused, adds the same source, specifying that this intervention made it possible to neutralize the danger and to arrest the person who accompanied the attacker, while the latter died.

This operation also allowed the seizure of large quantities of chira inside the two cars, with a total weight of 10 tons and 300 kilograms, which were entrusted to the customs authorities with a view to taking the necessary measures, in addition to the seizure of the hunting rifle and the cartridges used in threatening police elements and endangering their safety.

The three individuals arrested in this case were placed in police custody for the judicial investigation carried out under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor's office with a view to clarifying all the ramifications of this criminal network, while the remains of the fourth suspect were was taken to the morgue for autopsy, the press release concludes.

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