Resumption of social dialogue: Government desire to support the working class

The minister responsible for relations with Parliament, government spokesperson, Mustapha Baïtas, declared today Thursday that the resumption of social dialogue rounds demonstrates the government's desire to find solutions to support the working class.

Baïtas underlined, by answering questions from journalists during a press conference after the weekly meeting of the Government Council, that the return of the government and the trade union centers to the negotiating table once again confirms the participatory approach adopted with social actors in the processing of various files.

He recorded that the social dialogue sessions which began the day before yesterday Tuesday will continue tomorrow Friday with two other meetings, confirming in this regard the willingness of the government to seriously engage in this workshop, which it instituted and continued in this way.

In response to a question on developments in social support and health coverage, the minister affirmed that there had been no review of the indicators of beneficiaries of social support and the “Ramid” health coverage system.

He explained that “Ramid” is a social system whose legislator and government have established the principles, procedures and rules, while direct social support is a complete system legally defined by the government with the procedures and rules that are associated with it in the decrees.

The minister informed that the number of families benefiting from direct social support amounts to four million families, while the number of people registered in the “Ramid” health coverage scheme is around 11.2 million registered.

Baïtas declared that the government ensures that those registered with “Ramid” fulfill the obligations of membership in the National Social Security Fund, in order to allow them to benefit free of charge from public sector health services, as well as from the services of the private sector, like all employees and non-employees.

He added that families receiving direct social support receive monthly allowances according to the system and the decree that determines the way to benefit from this support, confirming that this process, which the government values ​​for its effects on beneficiary families, is taking place in very good conditions.

Regarding the recent rainfall, Baïtas said that it is positive and significant and will help to guarantee the supply of fodder and reduce the cost of irrigation, as well as having a positive impact on spring crops and fruit trees, stressing that the Kingdom “remains in a difficult situation with regard to dam storage”.

He indicated, in this regard, that each territory takes the necessary measures to deal with the situation, depending on the water situation it is experiencing.

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