The Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in difficulty: Minister Attaf was unaware of the existence of official correspondence with Morocco


In Algeria's second official response to the issue of real estate that caused chaos in Algeria after the Moroccan authorities decided to expropriate them for reasons of public utility Ahmed Attaf, Minister of Foreign Affairs, came s express yourself about the problem.

Attaf, during a press conference, confirmed that the real estate file ended after the revelation of new data on the existence of previous correspondence between Morocco and the authorities of his country, the main subject of which was the property in question, and through this correspondence, the Algerian authorities accepted Morocco's decision.

The Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs affirmed that Morocco had taken an appropriate decision and that the matter had been settled, without providing explanations and justifications to the population of his country, who gathered en masse on the networks social organizations to applaud a report which testifies to the greatest creativity of the country's “strike force”. This places Algerian authorities, who issued the condemnation statement, in a difficult situation, after it was confirmed that the decision was the focus of previous official correspondence between the two countries

Algerian authorities are used to making the world laugh at their frequent mistakes, and perhaps they should look to Morocco for additional lessons, learning the art of sophisticated diplomacy and “decent” responses .

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