Control of 5,470 violations concerning the prices and quality of foodstuffs

The Department of Competition, Prices and Fraud Repression under the Ministry of the Economy and Finance announced that between January 1, 2024 and March 27 of the same year, 5,470 offenses were noted during operations control of prices and quality of foodstuffs by local committees.

The Directorate, in a press release published at the end of the meeting held yesterday Wednesday, of the third interministerial committee responsible for monitoring supplies, prices and control operations during the month of Ramadan, underlined that 920 of the infractions noted were is the subject of warnings to offenders, while reports have been drawn up and sent to the competent courts for 4,550 others.

The interventions of the central and local committees, chaired by the Ministry of the Interior at the level of prefectures and provinces, made it possible to control 81,141 production, storage and wholesale and retail establishments, and to seize and destroy 402 tonnes of products unfit for consumption or not compliant with current regulatory standards.

These quantities include more than 106 tonnes of spices, 60 tonnes of drinks and juices, 45 tonnes of olives and oils, 37.8 tonnes of flour and derivatives, 35 tonnes of milk and dairy products, 34 tonnes of sugar, tea and coffee, 25 tonnes of dates, dried fruits, honey and jams, 19 tonnes of meat, fish and their derivatives, 16.35 tonnes of bakery and pastry products, and 9, 6 tons of vegetables, fruits and other consumer products less than 6 tons.

The Management indicated that the committee continues its work regularly throughout the month of Ramadan to monitor the evolution of the market situation, the supply situation, the price level, and the results of the committees' interventions. of control to deal with all forms of fraud, monopoly, speculation and price manipulation.

It should be noted that the interministerial committee responsible for monitoring supply, prices and control operations met under the chairmanship of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, in the presence of representatives of the ministerial sectors of the Interior , Agriculture and Maritime Fisheries, Industry and Commerce, Energy Transition, and the public institutions concerned.

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