Abdeljalil: “Mixed transport is no longer suitable for mobility in rural areas”


Mixed transport no longer constitutes a solution adapted to mobility in rural areas, said the Minister of Transport and Logistics, Mohamed Abdeljalil, on Thursday.

In response to a question on traffic accidents caused by mixed transport, during a press briefing after the meeting of the Governing Council, Mr. Abdeljalil indicated that “the mixed mode of transport adopted for the first time in 1982 to remedy a number of mobility problems during this period, is no longer the most suitable solution today for transport in rural areas”.

Concerning traffic accidents caused by mixed transport, the minister noted that “these accidents are painful and tragic and hardly differ from other traffic accidents except by the large number of victims which result”, specifying that several accidents attributed to mixed transport are in reality caused by vehicles not authorized to operate as common carriers.

After calling for the strengthening of control of this type of transport, the minister noted that the management of mobility in the regions falls within their remit, given their proximity to citizens to remedy public transport problems, particularly in rural areas.

In this sense, he underlined the ministry's willingness to support the regions in the search for solutions, within the framework of advanced regionalization.

Fatal road accidents involving public transport, especially mixed transport, are mainly caused by the human element, he continued, noting the importance of restructuring training.

Mr. Abdeljalil, in this regard, recalled the five axes of the National Road Safety Strategy that the ministry is working to implement to achieve concrete objectives for road users, particularly in the public transport sector. .

He also highlighted the measures taken by the ministry to support the modernization of vehicles, adding that the training of professional drivers and the regular six-monthly inspection of vehicles is likely to reduce the number of road accidents. .

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