Military maneuvers near the Canary Islands: The People's Party of the Canary Islands calls for transparency

The Secretary General of the Canary Islands People's Party recently called on the Spanish government to provide transparent information regarding the ongoing military maneuvers carried out by Morocco near the Canary Islands.

As the Royal Moroccan Navy begins naval exercises in the waters near the Canary Islands, just 125 kilometers from their coast, the regional government is expressing concern about the situation. Alfonso Cabello, Deputy Minister of the Presidency of the Government of the Canary Islands, recently expressed his concern to the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the evolution of these military maneuvers.

The Secretary General of the Canary Islands People's Party, Jacob Qadri, stressed the importance for the Spanish government not to remain silent in the face of these developments. He also underlined the importance of issues such as border control, the delimitation of territorial waters and the conflict in the Sahara, as well as these new military maneuvers carried out by Morocco.

This call comes as relations between Morocco and the Canary Islands are under tension due to these naval maneuvers. Spanish media reported that the announcement of Moroccan naval exercises aims to reaffirm Morocco's “sovereignty” over these waters.

The Canary Islands regional government therefore calls for full transparency from the Spanish government and urges an appropriate response to this delicate situation.

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