Moroccan foreign affairs minister calls for ‘responsibility’ during upcoming Algiers league summit

 Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Bourita called for the upcoming  Arab summit in Algeria to be held “on the basis of commitment to responsibility,” and “away from any narrow calculations or transcendent logic.”

Speaking during a stage-setting session ahead of a summit between the heads of states of Arab nations in November in Algiers, Bourita called on his counterparts to make an “objective reading of the reality of the Arab world.”

He raised weak economic growth of the region as an effect of “the various differences and internal conflicts, external and internal plans aimed at the divide, support for separatism tendencies.”

He pointed out that the main problem lies in the absence of a clear common vision to confront these challenges, in a manner that preserves the security, stability, and territorial and national unity of states

“The international and Arab context calls for the upcoming summit to be held on the basis of commitment to responsibility, away from any narrow calculations or transcendent logic, and the consolidation of the necessary confidence, and adherence to roles of each party,” he said.

The Arab world “is today at a very difficult crossroads, which requires us urgently to overcome the obstacles that prevent the strengthening of cohesion and solidarity between our Arab countries, and to distract our attention and efforts from addressing the major political and economic issues urgently placed on the Arab agenda, which must be dealt with effectively.” 

On the issue of the Palestinian cause, which is likely to take center stage during the upcoming summit, Bourtia reiterated Morocco’s commitment “to defend the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people. Chief among them is his right to establish his independent Palestinian state, with East Jerusalem as its capital, on the 1967 borders, living side by side with Israel in peace and security.”

He added that this issue represents one of the constants of Morocco’s foreign policy and a Royal concern in order “to defend the Holy City and preserve its religious, cultural, legal, and historical character, as well as to improve the living conditions and the resilience of its residents.”

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