The Head of Government receives the proposals of the Body responsible for revising the Family Code


The Head of Government, Mr. Aziz Akhannouch, received, on Saturday, the members of the Authority responsible for the revision of the Family Code who gave him the proposals of the Authority with a view to submitting them for the High appreciation of the King Mohammed VI.

In a statement to the press at the end of this meeting, Mr. Akhannouch indicated that he had received the members of the Body responsible for revising the Family Code after having completed its missions within the deadlines set in the Letter sent on King, to the Head of Government, specifying that the rotating coordinator of the Authority gave him a report on the proposed amendments to the Family Code, with a view to submitting them to the King.

The body worked according to a broad participatory approach through the organization of hearing sessions of the various actors of civil society organizations working in the field of women, children, human rights, as well as as political parties, trade union centers, magistrates, actors, researchers, academicians and ministerial establishments and departments, he added.

The Authority also received memoranda via electronic emails, before considering the examination of the proposals resulting from broad participatory consultations, specified Mr. Akhannouch.

On this occasion, the Head of Government reiterated his sincere thanks and gratitude to King Mohammed VI, who was kind enough to adopt this broad participatory approach to find the means to enable the Moroccan family to fully play its roles as pillar of society.

The Head of Government said he was honored to submit for the High Appreciation of the Sovereign the proposals of the Body responsible for revising the Family Code.

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