For the first time in its history… the call to prayer was made from the home of the First Minister of Scotland.


A video clip documented the moment the Maghreb call to prayer was made from the home of the Prime Minister of Scotland Hamza Yusuf located at 'Bute House', which is the Prime Minister's residence.

Minister Youssef published, through his account on the “X” platform, a video of the call to prayer, because this is probably the first time that the call to prayer has been launched from the Prime Minister's residence of Scotland.

Minister Youssef attached a comment to the video: “Muslims break their fast at sunset with the call to prayer. Today, Sheikh Rabbani raised the call to prayer at Bute House with friends from different religious communities.

He pointed out that “it is very likely that this is the first time that a call to prayer has been made at the Boat House.”

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