“Electronic cigarette”: the shocking figures for children and young people who consume them


Minister of Health and Social Protection Khaled Ait Taleb revealed shocking figures concerning the use of electronic cigarettes among young people, adolescents and children in Morocco.

The minister pointed out that cigarettes are the most consumed compared to regular cigarettes among schoolchildren aged 15 to 17 (boys 2%, girls 5%), and he pointed out that 7.7% consumed them before the age ten years old.

In response to a written question, the minister highlighted that 9.6% purchased an electronic cigarette between 10 and 12 years old, and 23.4% between 13 and 14 years old, adding that around 60% were between 15 and 15 years old. .

Ait Taleb indicated that campaigns promoting electronic cigarettes target children through social networks and influencers, according to the World Health Organization, that this cigarette generates toxic substances, some of which cause cancer or increase the risk heart and lung problems.

Regarding the preventive and curative measures taken by the Ministry of Health, the Minister declared that the Ministry worked to establish a global and integrated strategy in response to the recommendations of the United Nations Agencies in this area, which allows awareness of the seriousness of this scourge and guarantee the provision of health care and services for the comprehensive prevention of nicotine smoking and electronic cigarettes among the category of children, adolescents and young people, in addition to medical and psychological treatment for a reduction in the risks associated with smoking, as provided for in the National Strategy for adolescents and young people.

Youth Health 2022-2030 adopts an approach based on a formative field dimension and a preventive and therapeutic dimension.

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