“Car-free day” in Agadir to promote sustainable mobility

Hibapress / MAP

The ecological initiative “Car Free Day” was organized on Sunday in Agadir to raise awareness of the dangers of pollution and promote sustainable mobility.

This event mainly aims to reduce urban traffic problems and deal with the harmful and invisible consequences of pollution caused by cars, while promoting a more eco-responsible lifestyle, through the use of bicycles. , walking or public transport.

This event, which invites citizens to take ownership of urban space and better enjoy a city with streets empty of polluting vehicles, also tends to limit the circulation of motor vehicles and encourage the use of ecological means of transport. within cities and to explain to young people the advantages of alternative mobility.

“Car-free day” is also an opportunity to encourage collective awareness of the environment and the health risks of air pollution, particularly to limit the use of cars and opt for bicycles as the preferred means of transport. .

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