The Ministry of Economy postpones the 10 dirham increase in the price of butane gas until after Ramadan

While Aziz Akhannouch, head of government, had previously said that the gradual removal of gas subsidies in Morocco would begin in April, it appears that the government, through the Ministry of Economy and Finance, is delaying the application of the decision, which coincides with the month of Ramadan.

Butane gas distribution professionals have not yet received an official date for the application of the 10 dirham increase on the price of large gas bottles. Furthermore, the April price calendar established by the Ministry of Economy and Finance makes no mention of a price increase during the month of Ramadan.

An increase of 10 dirhams in the price of butane gas was approved, bringing its price to 50 dirhams instead of 40 dirhams, knowing that its real price is 130 dirhams and that the State compensates the difference via the Compensation Fund.

This increase of ten dirhams in the price of butane gas is part of a set of measures aimed at gradually reducing state subsidy expenditure for this gas within the framework of the Compensation Fund.

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