The CESE and the CGEM join forces to promote reflection and dialogue in favor of socio-economic development


Mr. Ahmed Reda CHAMI, President of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE) and Mr. Chakib ALJ, President of the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM) today signed a partnership agreement between both institutions.

This agreement materializes the desire and commitment of the CESE and the CGEM to work together, through the exchange of expertise and the promotion of common reflection and dialogue, on subjects linked to the socio-economic development of our country. , such as sustainability, the integration of the informal sector, labor legislation, the development of human capital, digitalization, territorial development, or even the promotion of women's economic participation.

This partnership comes at a time when all the driving forces of the Kingdom must think together about ways to operationalize the levers capable of giving new impetus to the economic growth of our country and the creation of quality jobs. It aims, in particular, to take into consideration the opinions of private sector actors, to develop and present reading keys and issue operational recommendations to further accelerate the investment dynamic and seize the opportunities that present themselves in Morocco, over time. 2030.

As part of their collaboration, the CESE and the CGEM plan to share their respective publications, the regular organization of thematic meetings and spaces for dialogue in all territories and the carrying out of joint reflection work.

The signing ceremony was also marked by a citizen workshop devoted to the theme “For a circular economy of electrical and electronic equipment: from waste to resource” which saw the participation of several contributors from the two institutions. This topic, brought under self-referral by the CESE, will be the subject of an opinion published by the Council.

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